JusticeSuperhero with super-fists, Vindicator fights without mercy against the mafia who’s infecting Grand Central city, one of the most violent city in the world. On his phalanxes, he has tattooed seven letters which terrify all the gangsters, J.U.S.T I.C.E.

Idolized, Vindicator has built a huge business of advertising and merchandizing on his success ; it’s runned by his friend and manager : Mike Monroe, an opportunistic character.


One day, during an ordinary intervention in a gas station against a raving-mad nazi gang led by « Surfing Hellmut », Vindicator is knocked down ! Stunned he realises that his super-powers have vanished.. «Gone to Revitalize himself » says the Mike Monroe’s Press release.

The news spread all over GRAND CENTRAL CITYNo_more_superpower01
Yes, he is now an ordinary man and Vindicator is freaked out !

From a pathetic insignificant mafia bookeeper just released from prison to the « Public Ennemi n°1 », what an incredible success story for Hellmut! This new celebrity allows him to realize the dream he made one day in jail when he discovered he is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. Now he can begin to built with the help of his sister Harmony and her skaters crew the « Nazi Skateboarding Organization. »

Vindicator, gone to the desert, learns how to use a gun. He thinks he might need it soon. Vindicator encounters Graham G. Deurivière, a depressed and alcoholic wildlife documentary maker.

Deurivière suggests him to organise an extensive propaganda, with false heroic feats which could keep up appearances. This strategy is a complete fiasco. It is not broadcasted on TV channels but, it ends on « people curiosity » sexshop’s shelves all around the world. It’s just the beginning of the longest and darkest nightmare of his life.



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